April 24, 2014

Teenage clones set to invade the Adirondacks (Again!)

Wizards, cowboys, aliens and Decepticons make way for dangerous doppelgängers as the Adirondacks’ very own sci-fi thriller Recreator returns for a one-week engagement at the State Theater in Tupper Lake, NY beginning with a special advance screening on Thursday night August 25th at 11p.m., attended by filmmakers and cast. The film was shot locally in Tupper Lake and Lake Clear in the fall of ’09 and will be released theatrically later this year.Recreator stars Stella Maeve (The Runaways & Gossip Girl,) Alexander Nifong(Glee) and Jamal Mallory-McCree as three friends on a camping trip who discover a secret laboratory and accidentally trigger a deadly experiment that creates their duplicates–clones who are stronger, faster, and better than the original teens and who threaten to kill them and take over their identities.   The film co-stars Laura Moss and John de Lancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation) as the mysterious owners of the island where the three teens come ashore.

“It’s a nightmare scenario,” says writer-director Gregory Orr, who likens the film to the 1950′s classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. “The idea of being replaced by someone superior to you, who is you. The challenge becomes how do you out-think yourself?” Gregory Orr will be on hand after the show to answer questions, and distribute souvenir pins and tee shirts from the movie, as well as to introduce the new “Recreator Genesis” comic book, which tells the origin story of the clone experiments.

Recreator was recently awarded Best Picture at Philadelphia’s Terror Fest, and praised at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival where Empire magazine called it, “A witty twist on the mad scientist and teens in peril scenario (and) an enjoyable romp that more than merits a sequel.”  “We’re definitely coming back to do the sequel,” adds Orr.

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